Beech King Air 200, the King Among them All

Beechcraft KingAir 200

Beech King Air 200 remains Beechcraft’s most successful line


What makes a success story? Longevity. Stability. Quality. Innovation. For decades now,  the King Air has been the gold standard for aircraft in its class.  Through constant innovation and improvements the brand has always been on top of its game, offering a solid and regal flying experience. However, the company’s biggest turning point was the launch of the Beech King Air 200 twin turboprop light transport in 1972 that soon became the brand’s mainstay. Their earliest series, Air 90 and 100 had also done extremely well, but with the Beech King Air 200, Beechcraft hit one right out of the park!

KingAir 200The Beech King Air 200 came with several new features. It had technologically advanced wings and engines, increased cabin pressurization, excellent fuel capacity giving it superior speed, range and payload capacity. Its most distinct and noticeable change was that this was a T-tailed turboprop, for executive transport, powered by new Pratt & Whitney dash 41 PTA’s that allowed it more power and ruggedness even as it kept the model’s agility intact.

Beech King Air 200 as a Corporate Favorite

Faster than several light jets, fewer take-off and landing requirements and lower operational costs—with these outstanding features, the Beech King Air 200 quickly became a favorite with the corporate world. For over 4 decades, it has seen many variants and upgrades, thus outlasting every other aircraft in it class. The model also remains a much loved and a revered one among pilots, operators and anyone with a passion for flying.

Combining aesthetics and high quality design, the model has long been considered perfect for business purposes. The stock Beech King Air 200 can seat eight passengers inside its pleasing interiors, with adequate space available for any urgent meetings or discussions one might want to have on board.

Beech King Air 200—Popularity and its Variants

When the Beech King Air 200 was launched, it was called the Super King Air 200. In the 90s, the term was dropped but for decades the model truly reigned like a superstar.  With King Air firmly settled as the market leader, the sky was literally the limit for manufacturer, Beechcraft, who in quick succession introduced a number of variations to the 200 series.

  • In 1976, the company developed Model 200T, a version configured for aerial surveying and reconnaissance

  • Model 200C (1979) came with a large cargo door allowing more items to be loaded into the cabin

  • A military version A200C was also developed in 1979

  • A more definitive and improved model was the B200 (1981) with advanced features and engines for greater aircraft performance

  • Special edition King Air 200 and B200 have been built for exploration, maritime patrolling, US military VIP transport and electronic surveillance.

  • Soon after Beechcraft became Hawker Beechcraft Inc., the company announced an upgraded version, the King Air B200GT. The aircraft was powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-52 engines which are rated at 1,150shp and provide an increased cruise speed of 560km/h. The B200GT received certification in December 2007.

A model for all seasons, the mighty Beech King Air 200 still commands a market like few other aircraft in its class do. Its latest version, the Beech King Air 250 is the world’s most popular business aircraft today. With operating costs at only $3.06 per mile, the King Air 250 is more economical than most private jets. Its elegant, spacious and comfortable interiors plus increased speed, power, take-off performance and enhanced safety make it the hands-down winner in its class.

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  • Pilotmec

    I just administered a 135 check ride in a new 250. What a great airplane. Pro-Line 21 and very stable. I observed him in the instructor mode also, which meant I got my jam hands on the controls and fly it. I need one of these.


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