Bromma Air Maintenance Completes King Air 350i Mod for Estonia Border Guard

Bromma KingAir 350i with MSS 7000

Late in 2016, we reported on the Ministry of the Interior of Estonia announcing the purchase of a King Air 350i with a new MSS 7000 maritime surveillance system from Bromma Air Maintenance (BAM). BAM contacted us this month and let us know the modification was complete and early test flights had went well. Also, they included some great shots of the finished product:

The MSS 7000 is the latest generation of airborne maritime surveillance systems from ST Airborne Systems and replaces the previous MSS 6000 platform. The Estonian Border Guard currently utilizes a MSS 6000 system aboard a LET 410 aircraft (since 2007). The King Air 350i will be the first aircraft to feature the new system along with Estonia being the first country to have it.

Bromma Air Maintenance has its main base in Bromma airport, Stockholm, Sweden and provides aviation services such as equipping special mission aircraft, base and line maintenance, repair and overhaul services for turboprop, single and multi-engine piston, jet aircraft and helicopters. The company website is

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