CAE Win Contract to Train U.S. Navy UC-12 Huron Aircrews

Image by CAE

CAE announced this week that CAE USA has been awarded a contract to provide classroom and simulator training for United States Navy UC-12 aircrews.

Training will be delivered at the CAE Dothan Training Center (completed in late 2016) in Dothan, Alabama, in addition to CAE training centers in Dallas, Texas and Morristown, New Jersey.

The UC-12 is a military version of the Beechcraft King Air multi-mission aircraft and used by the Navy for personnel and cargo transport, range clearance, medical evacuation, and humanitarian assistance. The Navy operates UC-12B/F/M Huron as modified variants of the King Air B200 as well as the UC-12W Huron as a modified version of the King Air 350 aircraft.

“CAE has an unmatched ability to leverage a global network of training centers and training programs,” said Ray Duquette, President and General Manager, CAE USA.  “The award of this contract is a great example of CAE’s Defense and Civil business units working together to deliver a comprehensive training program for the United States Navy. We are particularly pleased that Navy C-12 aircrews will be joining the Army and Air Force in training C-12 pilots at our Dothan Training Center in Alabama.”

CAE will be providing initial and refresher training courses for Navy pilots and naval flight officers. Training for Navy UC-12 aircrews on the King Air 200 Pro Line 21 cockpit will be conducted at the CAE Dothan Training Center while non-Pro Line King Air 200 will take place at the CAE Dallas training center.  Training for Navy UC-12 aircrews on the King Air 350 Pro Line 21™ and Fusion® cockpits will be conducted at the CAE New Jersey Morristown training center.

The CAE website can be found here.

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