Commuter Air Technology Provides STC’d Cargo Pods for KingAir 100/200/300 Series

Commuter Air Technology Cargo Pods for King Air 100, 200, 300 Series

Commuter Air Technology Cargo Pods for King Air 100, 200, 300 SeriesOklahoma City, OK – AGC Aerospace & Defense is pleased to announce Commuter Air Technology (CAT) part of the AGC Integrated Defense Group announced a turn-key solution for a versatile, spacious, and lightweight cargo pod for the King Air series aircraft.

Our family of FAA and EASA approved composite material cargo pods expands carrying capacity by an incredible additional 60 cubic feet.  Additionally, the strong, but light pod holds up to 500 lbs. useful load.  This great capacity expanding pod weighs less that 117 lbs. and does not negatively affect original climb and cruise performance.

For operators that utilize short, hot and high or unprepared strips, they will be impressed that there is no take-off or landing penalties.

The cargo pods can be quickly and easily loaded by way of 2 large 38” side baggage doors for easy stowage.  Strength and lightweight result from being constructed of Kevlar-lined fiberglass.

King Air with Cargo Pod

Once installed, less than an hour for removal and re-installation.

Extremely durable.

Zero failures and no airworthiness directives.

Prerequisite for pod integration is installation of STC SA5151NM, Dual Aft Body Strakes.


Commuter Air Technology is focused on the delivery of certified aircraft and aircraft modifications, including high performance and flight characteristics enhancements, commuter and high-density passenger systems and support, corporate reconfigurations and cargo conversions. With over 20 years’ experience enhancing the King Air models, CAT now also offer technical services, such as program management, Engineering and Developing, STC process Management and Airworthiness Certifications.

AGC Aerospace & Defense is a global supplier of technologies, systems and services that support key commercial and military programs.  Capabilities within the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio include: financing, engineering, integration services, manufacturing, logistics and aircraft modifications.  For additional information, please visit or


Contact: Jen Amundsen
Sales & Marketing
Commuter Air Technology
Phone: (405) 694-4755 ext. 613
Email: [email protected]

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