Elliott Aviation Hits Milestone with 500th Garmin G1000 King Air Delivery

Photo from Elliott Aviation website

Congratulations are in order; Elliott Aviation recently announced the delivery of the company’s 500th Garmin G1000 King Air delivery. The system was installed in a King Air B200 for Canadian operator Keewatin Air. The install is the 9th that Elliott has performed for Keewatin’s fleet and was delivered on October 16th.

Elliott Aviation first began installing the Garmin G1000 system in 2008.

“They (Elliott) have installed more G1000 systems in King Airs than all other dealers in the world, combined,” noted the company’s press release.

This year, Elliott began performing installations of Garmin’s upgraded G1000 package, the NXi.

“We have had an outstanding partnership with Garmin and it has led to positive customer interactions across the globe,” said Mark Wilken, Vice President of Avionics Programs and Operational Logistics. “We’re happy to deliver the 500th Garmin G1000 King Air and look forward to many more installations to come.”

Elliott Aviation installs Garmin G1000’s in King Airs at their Des Moines, IA facility and their Moline, IL headquarters.


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