IS&S Is Bringing FADEC-Like Autothrottle to the King Air

Installed in a PC-12

Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. has announced it will be completing ThrustSense certification of the King Air early 2019 with additional capability including Vmca Mitigation and Hot Start Protection. The FAA certified full regime PC-12 autothrottle will also be adding Hot Start protection and In-trail Spacing to the STC during the same timeframe. In addition, the King Air and PC-12 ThrustSense Systems provide FADEC like functionality while providing speed envelope protection easing pilot workload and increasing situational awareness.

For King Air Vmca Mitigation, ThurstSense continually monitors multiple engine parameters and will detect the loss of an engine then computes the amount of rudder authority loss due to the reduction of airflow over the rudder. It uses this to calculate the reduction in thrust from the remaining engine to prevent hazardous yaw. Real-time monitoring of YAW provides additional safety in engine-out conditions. Hot Start Protection on the King Air and PC-12 will provide a warning to the pilot of an impending hot start allowing the pilot to close the Fuel Cut Off Lever to protect the engine. In-trail spacing will be available on the IS&S PC-12 4D NexGen Flight Deck equipped with ThrustSense enabling the pilot to automatically follow an airplane, along its track at a constant speed/distance as requested by ATC.

(Press release by IS&S)

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