King Air Gathering V Being Rescheduled for 2021

The King Air Gathering organizers have announced that this year’s gathering is being rescheduled, with new 2021 dates being determined in the next few weeks (we’ll update when they are). Press release below:

Press release from King Air Gathering Organizers:

The King Air Gathering V in Wichita – Beech Field has been rescheduled for 2021. The exact dates and location are pending but you can expect a September-October time frame depending on the final location and what the aviation calendar for next year look like.

Final criteria for postponing until 2021:

  • Potential maximum number of people allowed to gather. Currently the max is between 10 and 45 allowed. We would need 300-400+ for the KAG.
  • Financial commitments were due shortly based upon the numbers above with little cancellation recourse.
  • Survey of pre-registered attendees said they were planning to attend but if there was a risk or ‘second wave’ they would pass. As hosts and sponsors this gathering is all about the attendees and a curtailed attendance is not in best interest of anyone.

Future Date & Location:
– We hope to have dates and locations in the next couple of weeks. More info to come.

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