PWI, Inc. Celebrates 50 Years

PWI, Inc. 50th Anniversary

PWI, Inc. 50th AnniversaryMiki Lorik, a Hungarian immigrant, began PWI (formerly known as Precision Winding, Inc. in 1963. Miki had fled Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 along with his wife (then girlfriend) and her family to build a better life. A few years after their arrival, Miki had learned the English language and found a niche where he could start his own business.

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He diversified the business over time, and in 1972, pioneered custom fluorescent lighting systems for the aircraft industry. PWI still manufactures custom fluorescent lights as well as LED systems. PWI currently owns an STC for an LED retrofit for the King Air 300 Series and is in the process of obtaining an STC for the King Air Models 90, 100, and 200 Series. Miki announced his retirement in 2000, and has since turned over the business to his son, Robi Lorik, and daughter, Judy Baldwin. Both have worked in the business for over 30 years.

Today, PWI, Inc. still remains a strong force in aircraft lighting and electronic design and manufacturing.

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