PWI King Air B200/B250 Light LED Upgrade Receives FAA Approval

Image by PWI

PWI is proud to announce that the FAA has given STC approval to the PWI B200/250 King Air window LED upgrade. 

  “We’ve been waiting a long time for this certification and so have B200/250 owners,” says Robi Lorik, President and CEO of PWI. “I’m happy to say that we have the parts ready to ship right now. Just send us the orders.” The FAA has already STC’d a similar LED upgrade for use in the King Air 90, King Air 100 and King Air 200 model aircraft, the B200/250 now completes the LED upgrade family of FAA STC’d lighting for all King Air models. 

“This upgrade completely rejuvenates and refreshes the interior of the B200/250. Nobody likes sitting in a dated aircraft,” says Lorik. “The King Air B200/250 are first-rate aircraft. This upgrade provides first rate lighting that owners of other models of King Air aircraft have already been enjoying.” More than 6,000 B200 and 250 King Air aircraft have been built since production started in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

 According to PWI, the B200/250 upgrade provides a contemporary feeling cabin. The LED’s do not create a buzzing noise which can plague many lighting systems, giving an overall quieter flight to all passengers. The upgrade also provides 100,000 hours of life as well as a 33% weight savings, compared to fluorescent. The PWI upgrade also requires 50% less measured operating current, and eliminates the high voltage associated with fluorescent lighting. LED’s also require less ongoing maintenance.

The LED upgrade product page can be viewed here.

(Press release by PWI.)

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