PWI Partners with Rose Aircraft Services

PWI with Rose Aircraft

PWI announced this week a AIC partnership with Rose Aircraft Services, a premier FBO out of Arkansas.

Operating out of Mena, Arkansas, Rose Aircraft does aircraft maintenance and interior/exterior refurbishment and completion. They repaint over 150 aircraft a year for organizations like Children’s Mercy. Additionally they utilize a large pool of suppliers to offer customers a wide variety of aftermarket choices for their aircraft.

 “Rose Aircraft Services is a great company and we are proud to partner with them,” says Robi Lorik, President of PWI. “We’re thrilled to have this chance to get even more lights on planes and, with Rose Aircraft’s help, we aim to do just that.”

The products that will be offered by Rose Aircraft include PWI’s latest LED reading lights: the 1495, the 303, and 1308. The entire reading light selection features PWI-exclusive heat-reducing technology, increased lifespan over incandescents and brighter and more direct light for better illumination.

PWI’s line of LED cabin lighting retrofits for King Air series’ 300, 200, 100, and 90 will be offered as well. According to PWI, the retrofits are “plug ‘n play” style, so they are designed to be simply swapped out for the existing lighting fixtures and power supplies without the need for interior removal or rewiring.

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