Raisbeck and Hartzell Team Up for New 5-Blade Swept Prop

Raisbeck Engineering announced this week a launch of its new Composite 5-Blade Swept Propeller for the King Air 350. The prop is a result of a special collaboration with Hartzell Propeller. STC approval is expected soon, with production by Hartzell following.

“We’re very excited about this new composite propeller amd what it offers customers in terms of performance and efficiency,” said Lynn Thomas, Raisbeck’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’ve teamed with Hartzell because of their years of experience and quality manufacturing and standards. Raisbeck has had a long-term relationship with Hartzell and we are proud to work with them on this project.”

The company focusing on improving passenger comfort and prop performance, with a design that emphasized maximizing thrust while reducing noise for the King Air 350.

“By taking advantage of the aerodynamic effect of blade sweep, the strength of lightweight structural composites and robotic manufacturing technologies, Raisbeck and Hartzell have greatly improved performance across the board in all flight phases,” said Hartzell Propeller Executive Vice-President JJ Frigge. Hartzell’s new five-blade swept propellers replace the standard Hartzell four-blade aluminum-blade propellers.

The 5-blade prop at EAA Airventure. Pic by KingAirNation.

Raisbeck said in the press release that their Swept Blade Technology optimizes airfoil efficiency, allowing for a larger diameter propeller with less blade tip noise and a comfortable cabin environment. Other benefits include unlimited blade life, reduced maintenance costs with 6 years/4,000 hours TBO, 3 Years/3,000 hour Warranty, increased takeoff acceleration, and better landing deceleration and accel-stop. The Composite 5-Blade Swept Propeller provides a total weight savings of 47 pounds compared to the current OEM propeller for the King Air 350.

Raisbeck’s website is www.raisbeck.com. Hartzell’s website is www.hartzellprop.com.

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