Textron Delivers New King Air 350ER to NNSA

In a post on LinkedIn, Textron Aviation unveiled a new King Air 350ER it has delivered to the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

Equipped with specialized radiation detection systems, the King Air 350ER will be used to measure air and ground contamination following a nuclear or radiological accident or incident, and to conduct baseline surveys for normal levels of radiation in the environment in preparation for major public events.

The post included a video showcasing the aircraft:

According to Beechcraft, the King Air 350i plane increases the gross weight by 1,500 lbs. Larger and stronger main landing gear increases the fuel capacity by 236 gallons/893 liters to a total of 775 gallons/2,934 liters through use of low drag metal fuel tanks aft of the powerplants. Higher gross weight and higher fuel capacity result in more mission flexibility.

These extra capabilities are invaluable to special mission type applications. For more information, view the Beechcraft model page here.

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