Advent Earns King Air 200-Series FAA STC for eABS

Advent Aircraft Systems Image by Textron Aviation.

Advent Aircraft Systems has been granted an FAA STC for its eABS anti-braking system for Beechcraft King Air B200 series aircraft. The first customer aircraft, a King Air 250, was completed by Pro Star Aviation of Londonberry, New Hampshire. Advent also noted the first European order of a 200 series (also a King Air 250) from Sundt Air, Gardermoen, Norway. This will occur once B200 approval is added to the existing King Air B300/Pilatus PC-12 EASA STC.

“The eABS for the B200 series is very similar to that of the B300 series aircraft,” said Advent president Ron Roberts. “As such, a straightforward and efficient FAA certification process was achieved. We expect other agency certifications for the B200 to follow in the coming months. ”

Advent created the eABS system to offer improved safety, stopping power and directional control of anti-skid braking on both contaminated and dry runways. For a detailed write up of the system, check out our article here. The company website is

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