Alphine Air Super Freighter Cargo 1900D Conversion Adds 40% Capacity

Alphine Air has introduced a new cargo STC conversion for the Beechcraft 1900D that (according to Alphine’s press release) boosts the capacities of the aircraft in several areas including:

  • 40% Capacity Increase Over 1900C (Useful Payload of 7,439 lbs.*)
  • 23% Range Increase (1,356 NM Max Range*)
  • 7% Speed Increase Over 1900C
  • Single Pilot Aircraft Certification
  • New Z Track for Maximum Cargo Utilization
  • New Crew Emergency Exit

Other key conversion features include:

  • Cargo Netting, Brackets & Clips
  • Frontal Netting Z Track
  • Emergency Exit Door Removal​​​​
  • New Pilot Emergency Exit Door
  • Cargo Conveyor Roller
  • Structural Modification
  • Air Duct Modification
  • O2 Modification
  • Lighting/CB Panel/Audio Panel Mods​​
  • Floor Panel Installation
  • Placards

The conversion is listed by SkyQuest International here, where more in-depth details can be found. There is also a PDF document detailing the specs as well – that can be found here.

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