Blackhawk Accepting Pre-Certification Orders For King Air 350 with XP67A Engine+ Upgrade Package

Blackhawk Modifications has began accepting pre-certification orders for what they call “The world’s fastest King Air” — a King Air 350 equipped with the company’s new XP67A Engine+ Upgrade package.

“This is the most exciting upgrade in Blackhawk history,” said company President and CEO, Jim Allmon. “We’re talking about true jet-like speeds, twice the payload, and one-third the operating cost of a comparable jet. The results we are seeing are phenomenal. This will truly be a PROPJET and not just a tagline!”

Blackhawk Modifications have tested the package’s capabilities at being able to fly from sea level to 35,000 feet in 18 minutes and a max cruise speed of 332 knots at 28,000 feet.

“We’ve matched a solid airframe with more powerful, more capable, well installed engines,” said Blackhawk’s Vice President of Engineering, Bob Kromer. “It’s a real pilot- and passenger-pleasing aircraft that’s going to change the way people think about King Air 350 performance and capability.”

With flight testing completed, Blackhawk is expecting FAA approval in June with EASA certification efforts to begin upon receiving the STC.

The press release noted the upgrade includes “two factory-new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines and new 5-blade composite propeller assemblies and spinners from MT Propellers.” A new-engine warranty includes training, support and five years (or 2,500 hours) is available from Pratt & Whitney with options for ESP Gold Enrollment.

The Blackhawk Team will be attending the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE), in Geneva, Switzerland. May 22-24 in Booth T51. The company website is

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