Blackhawk Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary, Expands Facility

Logo by Blackhawk, Photo by King Air Nation.

A major congratulations are in order to Waco-based Blackhawk Modifications this month as the company announced their 20th year in business – a milestone the company is celebrating with a facility expansion that doubles their Waco, Texas hangar and office capacity.  Blackhawk also announced the alignment of several mutually owned aviation-based companies under one umbrella that will be branded as Blackhawk Aerospace.

Blackhawk Aerospace will encompass four groups; Blackhawk Modifications, Blackhawk Composites, Blackhawk Aerospace Solutions [formerly known as Vector-Hawk Aerospace] as well as Blackhawk Aircraft Sales. This change will include newly designed logos, websites, graphics, collateral, marketing materials, and streamlined consistency between the companies.

Blackhawk purchased an adjacent 10,000 square foot hangar and offices to house their growing sales and marketing teams.  The new facility doubles Blackhawk’s footprint on the Waco Regional Airport and will showcase aircraft for sale that have been refurbished under the popular Phoenix by Blackhawk program.

“Blackhawk Aerospace represents the culmination of each company’s core competencies coming together to make a sum that is greater than the parts,” said Blackhawk’s President & CEO, Jim Allmon.  “This physical expansion and brand unity is a milestone that successfully positions us for our next 20 years.  I take great pride in celebrating with our dedicated employees, dealers and our growing list of satisfied customers who utilize the Blackhawk advantage every flight.”

In 2006, Blackhawk moved their headquarters to the Waco Regional Airport (KACT) and opened up the first new hangar constructed on the airport since the 1950s.  Six years later, they built a new east wing that doubled their office space to give room for their expanding engineering/research and development department.

In Blackhawk’s 20-year history, they have engineered, certified, and offered the turboprop aircraft market over 30 individual Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs). These STCs are authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to allow technological advancements in engine design and other ancillary products to be incorporated onto older aircraft that were placed into service decades ago.

Blackhawk’s line of XP Engine+ Upgrades deliver improved efficiency and more available horsepower, which in turn lowers operating costs and improves safety.  To date, there are over 800 customers worldwide who are flying with one of the many Blackhawk XP Engine+Upgrades.  Every Blackhawk operator has the flexibility to save dozens of flight hours and tens of thousands of dollars year after year from flying with the advanced engine technology.

The success of the Phoenix by Blackhawk program is the primary driver for the need of more hangar space.  This total aircraft refurbishment program incorporates new paint, interior, avionics, Blackhawk XP Engine+ Upgrades and other airframe improvements that make the aircraft better than new in many cases at a more favorable price point.

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Press release by: Blackhawk Modifications

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