Blackhawk Launches Video Trailer Detailing King Air 350 XP67A Engine+ Upgrade

Blackhawk Modification has released a video trailer detailing their XP67A Engine+ Upgrade with the tagline “The World’s Fastest King Air.”

Blackhawk notes that the XP67A delivers a 24% increase in available horsepower over the stock engines, which translates into 60% increased climb rate, 332+ ktas maximum cruise speed, and 60 hours of flight time saved every year.

Blackhawk compares it to experiencing jet-like speeds at King Air utility and cost with the XP67A Engine+ Upgrade. Their tagline is “First it was a turboprop, now it’s a Blackhawk.”

We further detailed the XP67A Engine upgrade with the launch announcement for the King Air 300 series back in March.

“The XP67A for the 350 set the bar, but will completely redefine the King Air 300,” said Jim Allmon, Blackhawk’s President and CEO. “The Upgrade will deliver cruise speeds, climb performance, and load carrying capability like we’ve never seen before at Blackhawk, which makes the King Air 300 a safer and more capable aircraft. It’s an exciting time for us, and we look forward to making this upgrade available for King Air 300 operators soon.”

The website for the upgrade can be found here.



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