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10 Things A Pilot Can Do To Beat Layover Boredom


10 Things A Pilot Can Do To Beat Layover Boredom

Avoiding Layover BoredomPilots who fly the same flight routes on a regular basis most likely plan their airport layover time activities ahead of time. They may even welcome this down time from their cockpit lives as a chance to relax and even rest up, especially when on long distance flights. However, every pilot has days when unexpected changes in flight schedules or unavoidable delays result in more layover time in airports than usual.
So, what’s a pilot to do!?

What activities or diversions can pilots count on to prevent layover boredom in airports?

1. Make use of airport lounge Wi-Fi – Many airports now have Wi-Fi in pilot and flight crew or VIP lounges. Pilots can avoid boredom between flights or during delays on the ground by catching up on email, viewing flight routes and data changes or additions, reading news items or surfing the Internet, often on airport computers. They can also access the Web on their laptops, tablets, iPhones or Droids. It can also be a good time to make phone calls or send text messages for work or pleasure.

2. Visit digital equipment and accessory shops – Most airports now feature shops selling digital equipment and related accessories. Flight down time can be good for installing iPhone updates and apps or shopping for new laptops, tablets or accessories. Pilots can arrive at destinations with this necessary shopping already taken care of.

3. Shop for seasonal clothes or shoes – Airport waiting time can be used to shop for any needed items of clothing, especially when a pilot’s final flight destination calls for clothing to suit another season or climate. Buying these necessary items while in transit is helpful when busy flying schedules make it difficult to shop ahead of time.

4. Visit airport luggage stores – Layover time can be filled by seeking out luggage stores in airport shopping areas for any necessary baggage repairs, travel accessories, or bag replacements.

5. Purchase birthday presents or holiday gifts – Pilots can browse in airport boutiques and larger stores for buying birthday presents and other gifts. Not only is this a pleasant, leisurely way to use flight layover time—it is also a great time saver during busy holiday seasons or when hectic flying schedules leave few hours for buying birthday presents. This is also a great way to find unusual gifts or souvenir items from different locales.

6. Relax and get some rest – Pilots should take time for some rest and relaxation in airline VIP and pilot/flight staff lounges or clubs. Taking advantage of down time to get rid of the stress and responsibility of piloting aircraft is healthy.

What activities outside airports are good for relieving pilots’ layover boredom?

1. Find a good bookstore – In the city, town or shopping mall closest to the airport, a pilot can find an interesting bookstore and buy a relaxing book to read. If industrious, he or she can purchase a language study book and start learning a new language.

2. Look for local cultural or entertainment sources – If airport layover time is long enough, pilots can go to museums, movies, shows, concerts or sports events in nearby cities or communities.

3. Take sightseeing or walking tours – When down time is lengthy due to a prolonged layover or unexpected change in flight schedule, a pilot can take a sightseeing excursion or a walking tour of a nearby scenic spot or place of special interest.

4. Explore property values and availability – During delays on the ground when traveling both within the US and internationally, pilots can visit real estate brokerages or check local realty listings for house, condo and apartment showings. It is always interesting to see what home property values and offerings are in different places.

Although flight delays and airport layovers are familiar occurrences in the busy lives of pilots, a little planning, spontaneity, or resourcefulness goes a long way to beat the waiting time boredom and really enjoy this unexpected down time.

About the Author: Author Paul L.

Founder and CEO of Classic Flight Bag, Paul is an instrument rated pilot who combined his passion for aviation and mens apparel/accessories to create a handmade, leather weekender style flight bag for pilots. He also enjoys writing about aviation, travel, business and lifestyle topics.