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An Overview of All Your Beechcraft King Air Maintenance Options [Op-Ed]


An Overview of All Your Beechcraft King Air Maintenance Options [Op-Ed]

When it comes to maintaining your aircraft, there are many choices available that can serve you and your requirements but what is not a choice, is the requirements of the FAR’s and the aircraft manufacturer.

What is the best option for you and your aircraft?  Do you go to an Authorized Service Center, Repair Station, have a personal mechanic, a Mobile Repair Company or the moonlighting mechanic, the choices can seem endless.  Factoring what is best for your schedule or your business is also key.

Beechcraft King Air ASC
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The Authorized Service Center (ASC) will have current manuals and manufacturers required tooling on hand, they are inspected by the FAA on a regular basis, run three shifts and will have various training programs and insurance.  The downside could be the location of their facility, which could include relocating your aircraft as needed.  Pricing and/or support programs along with hourly rates will usually be higher here as well.  Another advantage is the capabilities of service centers will allow for major modifications for routine service, inspections and upgrades to be completed.  Most warranties will be covered through an ASC also.

Beechcraft King Air Repair Station

The repair station is inspected on a regular basis by the FAA and will have current manuals similar to the service centers and will also have required tooling for the ratings of the FAA.  Depending on the facility of course, they could also run three shifts and have training programs and insurance.  Here again, you’ll have to consider relocating your aircraft for your service requirements however, pricing and hourly rates should be less than an ASC.  While repair stations are limited to the FAA rating, not all modifications are able to be completed.  However, you can get your routine servicing and inspections.  You may find that some repair stations in your region were once Authorized Service Centers and may still maintain a higher level of support.

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Beechcraft King Air MechanicOutside of having your own personal mechanic, whether hired or contracted from the field, what I would consider to be the third option for maintenance would be the Mobile Repair Company, which usually specializes in a specific model or series of aircraft.  Their employees will have gone through factory training programs during their career.  They have insurance, current manuals and tooling specific to the series of aircraft, similar to a service center or repair station, as well as open lines of communication with the FAA for the districts they operate in.  The biggest benefit to this option, outside of having a standard of being more cost effective, would be their availability to your time requirements and not having to relocate your aircraft.  With the ability to come to your location and complete routine services to inspections and various upgrades and modifications, it is definitely a choice to consider or at minimum, keep as option depending on circumstance.

What is important to remember is that whether you chose an Authorized Service Center, Repair Station or a Mobile Repair Company, the quality of service depends on the provider.  Whether they run three shifts or will drive some 500 miles to your location, can allow you the benefits and support you need to keep your aircraft flying.

What is your experience with these options?  Pros or cons?

About the Author: William J. Fryer

Mr. Fryer, owner of 3rd Generation Aircraft Service, holds an Airframe Powerplant license and Inspection Authorization. With 27 years of experience, starting in the United States Navy, he has held various positions at Authorized Service Centers and Repair Stations. 3rd Generation Aircraft Service is a Mobile Repair Company located in California providing cost effective solutions for Beechcraft King Air owners and operators for routine service, inspections and limited modifications for Part 91 and 135 operated aircraft.

Email: 3rdgenacserv@gmail.com
Phone: 818-481-5513

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