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Beechcraft Service Information Notification – SB 21-4165


Beechcraft Service Information Notification – SB 21-4165

Type – Service Bulletin
M-R-O – Recommended
Pub Number – SB 21-4165
Title Air Conditioning – Duct Plug Inspection
Effectivity – Beechcraft Super King Air B300/B300C Fusion FL-1032 thru FL-1041, FL-1043, FL-1049, FL-1053 thru FL-1055, FL-1057
Date – August 2016

Beechcraft has issued a Service Bulletin for the inspection of missing distribution duct plugs to ensure installation meets type design and to ensure adequate air flow distribution. It provides parts and instructions to inspect for and if necessary install 300-1184-1 upper duct plugs at FS 156.00. The bulletin should be accomplished at a scheduled maintenance period or inspection.

For the full bulletin along with further information and diagrams of the installation click here.