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First FAA Certificate Issued To a Danish MRO Facility Since 2008


First FAA Certificate Issued To a Danish MRO Facility Since 2008

Scandinavian Aircraft Technologies (ScanTech) has been certified by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the first MRO in Denmark since August 2008. It was six years ago when FAA was legally prohibited from issuing new foreign repair station certifications. Until now, only two Danish MROs hold the FAA certification. With this certification, ScanTech has been empowered to operate as an Approved Repair Station, and may now maintain both EASA and FAA registered aircraft and engines.

Managing Director, Tom Hassing, remarks,

“It has been a 7 year long process getting here. Obtaining the FAA certification is very important to us. It opens the market significantly to us.”

“ScanTech is specialized in maintenance of Business aircraft, and 70% of the world business aircraft fleet is operated on US registration. This means that we can extend our services to the N-registered business aircraft, as well as repair and overhaul components and LDGs, which until now had to turn to facilities outside Denmark for service. We have the expertise and facilities, and we are looking forward to welcoming new customers in our hangars.”

ScanTech is an EASA and now also FAA part 145 authorized aircraft maintenance facility with more than 37 years of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) experience. Beechjets and Beechcraft King Airs make up 90% of the work carried out at ScanTech. The activities at ScanTech also include: Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO), engine inspections, pre-buy inspections, aircraft sales and sale of spare parts.

ScanTech is situated in Sindal in the Northern part of Denmark at Sindal Airport. Sindal Airport has a 30 x 1199 meter long runway. The airport has ILS and NDB allowing IMC operation in bad weather.

The Air Agency Certification issued to ScanTech has no.: QDSY523Y.


The FAA certification comprises maintenance on the following types of aircraft/engines:

  • Bellanca:
  • Cessna:
    150, 172, F172, 177, F177, 182, F182, 185 series
    550/551 series
  • Grumman
    AA1, AA5 series
  • Hawker/Beechcraft
    33, F33, F33A, 35, 36 series
    E55, 58, 60, 95/55 series
    90, 99, 100, 200, 300 series
    400 series
    1900 series
  • Mitsubishi
    MU 300
  • Piper
    28, 30, 31, 32 series
  • Pratt & Whitney turbine engines
    PT6A series
    JT15D series
    PW100 series
  • Robinson Helicopters
    R22, R44
  • SAAB
    340A, 340B
  • Vulcanair
    P.68 series