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Garmin Announces Projected STC Approval Dates for King Air 300 Series Autoland


Garmin Announces Projected STC Approval Dates for King Air 300 Series Autoland

After much buzz with the Garmin Autothrottle and Garmin Autoland announcements, the installation of the Autoland feature has been anticipated for some time now. This feature takes aviation safety to the next level by being able to land an aircraft safely and autonomously during emergencies. Garmin has recently announced that the STC for the King Air 300 series with Autoland will be available this year. 

Elliott Aviation has performed its first completion and delivery of the Garmin Autoland upgrade in a King Air B200. Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems is currently going through installation in a King Air 200. The facts and figures (including the costs) below are from Brian Elmer, Regional Sales Manager at Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems.

Both Autothrottle and Autoland require: 

  • G1000 NXi flight deck with Phase II hardware.
    • Phase II hardware is GSU75B or GRS7800, GEA71B, GIA64E, GWX75 and GMA1360 audio panels. 
  • King Air 300 series STC expected 4th quarter of 2024.
  • Must have hydraulic gear installed.
  • Testing has been completed to include the electromechanical gear airplanes to the Autoland STC with an STC amendment date of 5-January. This will add Autoland eligibility for serial numbers S/N BL-1 thru BL-72; BB-1192 and earlier except BB-1158 and BB-1167.
  • G1000 NXi with Phase 2 hardware, installed in 2019 or newer.
    • NXi upgrade: $55,000*
  • Installed Autothrottles: $61,000*
    • NXi and Phase 2 hardware required.
  • Installed Autothrottles and Autoland: estimated $116,000*
    • NXi and Phase 2 required.
  • NXi Phase 2 hardware (Pre-2019) $90,000* installed
  • 4 blade props on -42/-52 and -61 engines.
  • 5 blade prop addition currently in work at Garmin.

The STC approval of King Air 300 series with Autoland showcases Garmin’s commitment into providing innovative safety solutions in the aviation industry. The Autoland system is a significant stride towards smarter and safer travel capabilities, paving the way for even more futuristic features to come. This innovation foretells a new era for aviation, where safety reigns supreme.

*All costs are quoted by Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems in January 2024.