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King Air 200 Series Hits the Mark with the King Air 250


King Air 200 Series Hits the Mark with the King Air 250

King Air 200 models have set the record for over 40 years of continuous production for light turbo props, and the King Air 250 has only solidified confidence in the Model 200.  Operators have detailed how the upgrades have improved flying the 250 series, but also how it is better for the passengers.  Below is a list of the improved features of the King Air 250:

  • Can cruise at 300 KTAS or faster
  • Takeoff performance surpasses all other 200 models
  • Descent performance
  • Twin engine redundancy
  • Controls are finger-tip light
  • Quieter cabin for passengers
  • More efficient propellers
  • Better insulation to reduce noise
  • Tuned vibration dampers to reduce noise
  • Additional head and shoulder room

Operators of the King Air 250 have also noted that the actual performance of the aircraft surpasses the numbers from the book performance.  These reasons, along with the reliability from the Beechcraft Corporation, have maintained the King Air turboprops popularity.  The turboprops have overcome the fear that turbofans would take over, and have survived when most of their competition dating back the the 1980’s have not.  The success of the King Air can also be attributed to quality work from Beechcraft.  Most operators have stayed loyal to Beechcraft because of the quality craftsmanship.  

Besides performance, operators have also praised the interior of the King Air 250.  Some even prefer the interior over their larger business jets.

These improvements have propelled the King Air 250 into a niche market for business aircraft operators that do not want to spend the money on the King Air 350i.  It solidifies that the model 200 aircraft’s will be around for many years to come.