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King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-01


King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-01

(King Air Communique Look Legacy series looks back at previous communiques released by Beechcraft – posted unless there is a current communique)

MC KA-2016-01 was originally released in January of 2016.


00: Illustrated Parts Catalog Free of Charge – illustrated parts catalogs for Beechcraft propeller driven airplanes were announced available at no charge to our customers.

00: Introduction of Block Point 2015 King Air with New Fusion Avionics – Block Point 2015 King Air have a different inspection program.

26: Engine Fire Extinguisher Agents – The airframe mounted Engine Fire Extinguisher bottle contains approximately 2.5 pounds of Bromotriflouromethane, (CBrF3) pressurized with dry nitrogen. When an airframe mounted engine fire extinguisher bottle has been discharged, the engine baffling will prevent the extinguisher compound from entering the engine inlet.

30: Stall Strip Bonding Agent – The stall strips are bonded to the de-ice boots on King Air airplanes with EC1300L or CombiBond adhesives. Beechcraft Engineering has recently authorized an additional product. This product is IC-2000, which is available through Textron Aviation Parts Distribution (TAPD) under part number IC-2000 BSI-118.

31: King Air Fusion Software Loading Equipment Requirement – Beechcraft is providing information concerning equipment required to perform several maintenance actions for the transition to the Rockwell Collins Fusion avionics package.

The complete publication (along with imagery and in-depth information) is available here.