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King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-07


King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-07

A new communique for June 2016 issued by Beechcraft concerning the XM Weather TAF data on Pro Line 21 King Airs with XM Receiver part number 822-2031-002.

ATA 46 – Beginning in early 2016 Rockwell Collins began receiving reports of intermittent reception of Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) data through the XM weather receiver installed in Pro Line 21 aircraft. This data includes products such as METARs and AIRMETs. Investigation determined that the National Weather Service had increased the data package size of these messages and the current configuration of the receiver was causing a software time out and reset before the complete data package was downloaded. Any operators experiencing the issue may utilize Rockwell Collins Service Information Letter (SIL) 523-0824074 (attached in the communique) to provide an updated receiver configuration allowing it to handle the new data package size. Aircraft with factory installed Fusion avionics are not affected. Pro Line 21 aircraft which have been upgraded to Fusion avionics through an S TC may still have the 822-2031-002 receiver and require the update.

The full communique can be found here.