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King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-08


King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-08

30: Prop Heat Operational Check Procedure – Engines Not Running:
King Air Communiqué 2015-07 was issued to remind owner/operators not to operate the propeller heat when the engines are not running. This action helps to prevent damage to the propeller blades and de-ice boot. The propeller manufacturer has also placed a 10-second limitation on operating the propeller heat with the engines not running. This limit creates an issue when performing a propeller heat test because the timer in the propeller de-ice system cycles the power to the left and right propeller every 90 seconds. This condition makes it impossible to assure that the propeller heat system is operating correctly while the airplane is in the hangar. The system can still be tested during ground runs with the engines running. Included in the communique is a detailed continuity check procedure.

33: Emergency Exit Sign Bulb Replacement and Alternate Part Number:
The FWD and AFT Emergency Exit signs located in the headliner of the Model B300 Super King Air airplane come from the factory with an incandescent lamp, DS1, which can be prone to loosening in its socket due to vibration or burning out. Textron Aviation has approved an LED replacement for this lamp with Part Number E10-WHP.

46: XM Weather TAF Data on Pro Line 21 King Airs with XM Receiver Part Number 822-2031-002: Beginning in early 2016, Rockwell Collins began receiving reports of intermittent reception of Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) data through the XM weather receiver installed in Pro Line 21 airplanes due to the National Weather Service increasing data package size.

54: Nacelle Splice Plate Inspection:
A new inspection requirement has been added to the Model B300 King Air Maintenance Manual. This inspection addresses the nacelle splice plates. Even though this inspection has been in the manual set for many years for other King Air models, it is new on the King Air B300 and it will eventually be added to the King Air 200 and 300 Series Maintenance Manuals as well.

71: Engine Mount Isolators – Beechcraft Part Number Cross Reference to Vendor Part Number:

The King Air Illustrated Parts Catalogs list the part number of the engine mount isolators using the Beechcraft assembly part number. The King Air Component Maintenance Manual lists the part number of the engine isolators using the vendor part numbers. The communique contains a table providing a cross reference between these part numbers to simplify replacement parts ordering. The King Air uses Barry Engine Vibration Isolators or Lord Engine Mount Isolators, but it is important not to mix brands of isolators on the same engine.

The complete communique with tables, diagrams, images and further detailing can be found here.