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King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-09


King Air Communique Look – MC KA-2016-09

25: Passenger Seat Arm Rest Repairs / Toilet Seat Frame Repairs – The passenger seat arm rests for Beechcraft King Air Models B200, 300, and B300 may be susceptible to breaking when they are used for purposes other than what they were designed. Arm rests were not intended to be used as a seat. Additionally, toilet seat frames can crack at the pivot point where the toilet seat prop rod supports seat seat while in the up position. Textron Aviaton now offers repairs for these components, requests can be made directly to ciationrepair@txtav.com.

28: Heated Fuel Vent Installation – Technical Support continues to receive questions from owners/operators asking about the proper orientation for the heated fuel vent. The heated fuel vent has a scarf cut at an angle at the tip that is pointed forward. The purpose of this heated fuel vent is to provide a positive pressure to the fuel tanks via this vent tube. If the heated vent is installed facing aft, this condition can create a vacuum in the fuel vent system. This vacuum can collapse the fuel bladders and possibly prevent normal fuel flow.

32: Brake Line Length – Owners/operators have reported that the new replacement brake hoses are approximately 1/2 (0.50) inch shorter than the brake hose being replaced. Textron Aviation investigation into this issue revealed that the hoses were built correctly and within specifications. The hoses do stretch during service, which is the reason why the hoses that were removed measured longer. Installation of new hoses can be difficult if the technician is trying to install the hoses while the airplane is on jacks. One solution to this issue is to remove the airplane from jacks, which makes the hoses easier to install.

The full MC text, along with photos and diagrams, can be found here.