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King Air Nation Launches Ambassador Programs


King Air Nation Launches Ambassador Programs

We're excited to announce our King Air Nation Ambassador Programs! With this endeavor we hope to expand the King Air community by partnering with individuals who share our passion for King Air! Together, we want to take the mission further, reach more people, and strengthen the community that has grown so much over the years.


What is the purpose of the Ambassador Programs? The ambassador programs are all about community and spreading the mission! The program launches with 3 designations: King Air Nation Brand Ambassadors (for Owners/Operators and Industry Leaders), King Air Nation Mechanic Ambassadors, and King Air Nation Pro Pilot Ambassadors. We hope to add a fourth in the near future for King Air Nation Military/First Responders.

How can I become an Ambassador? Fill out the form here to apply. The application process takes a few minutes to complete. After the application has been submitted, one of our team members will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

pictured here: King Air Gathering companions on a tour of St. Augustine, FL

pictured here: Chip & Amy McClure, King Air Nation Brand Ambassadors

King Air Nation Brand Ambassadors 

This initiative is designed to unite our dedicated King Air owners/operators and industry leaders by acknowledging your invaluable contributions and unparalleled expertise. As a King Air Nation Brand Ambassador, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to share your journey and experiences, provide feedback, and help shape the future of our aviation community. Your insights will help us improve our services, products, and overall user experience.

pictured here: owners, operators, mechanics, pro pilots and enthusiasts alike attend the 2023 King Air Gathering 

King Air Nation Mechanic Ambassadors 

This innovative program seeks to combine the technical expertise of experienced King Air mechanics with the impact of modern marketing. The program aims to foster a community of King Air mechanics, who, as ambassadors, will share their best practices within the industry. They will leverage social media platforms and other digital channels to provide valuable insights and demonstrate the superior performance and maintenance practices associated with King Air aircraft. The program is not only a platform for mechanics to share and learn but also an opportunity for them to influence the aviation industry's trends and standards.

pictured here: Mike Ondik, King Air Nation Mechanic Ambassador 

King Air Nation Pro Pilot Ambassadors is designed to cultivate a community of skilled aviators who are passionate about flying the King Air aircraft. These pro pilots will become key influencers within the aviation community as they share their personal flying experiences, insights, and technical expertise. Whether it's through social media, blog posts, seminars, or at events, you'll help inspire others by showcasing the superior performance and reliability of the King Air aircraft.

Kody Comans, King Air Nation Pro Pilot Ambassador

pictured here: Kody Comans, King Air Nation Pro Pilot Ambassador

What is required of an ambassador? As a King Air Nation Ambassador, participants are expected to promote King Air Nation in a positive and responsible manner, engage regularly with our community, and follow all King Air Nation social media guidelines. The bottomline is to be yourself, share your journey in the King Air world, and help spread the mission through events, online community, and sharing of videos and images.

What are the benefits? The perks of joining the program are directly related to the Ambassador's level of participation. We'll celebrate your ambassadorship across our channels, offering recognition within the King Air Nation and beyond. You'll get the chance to participate in exclusive events, gain early access to new features, and receive special offers and branded gear and apparel!

"The Ambassador Programs are now live and we're off to an excellent start" said David Johnson, Marketing Director for King Air Nation. "We've already added a dozen or more ambassadors across the different designations and we anticipate that over the next few weeks we will add many more once the news spreads and hits our social media", Johnson added.

"As a pilot, flying the King Air isn't just about the aircraft; it's about embodying a legacy of reliability and versatility. With its regal presence in the skies, the King Air symbolizes precision, performance, and the unwavering commitment to mission success." — Kody Comans, King Air Nation Pro Pilot Ambassador

"I found the programs as an opportunity to gain knowledge from the most experienced individuals in the business, not to mention the manufacturers. To be able to share that [knowledge and experience] with the up and coming individuals or new owners and operators is priceless.....and there's some pretty cool swag, if I'm being honest." — Mike Ondik, King Air Nation Mechanic Ambassador

We are excited for this journey and look forward to your active involvement in increasing the King Air Nation!