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ME-TP-0019 Model Communique


ME-TP-0019 Model Communique

Textron Aviation has released the ME-TP-0019 Model Communique; it can be viewed here (a Textron Aviation account is required, registration is free). Highlights are listed below, view the communique for full details.

Chapters include:

05: Flammable Fluid Carrying Hoses Replacement Requirement – Textron Aviation Engineering has approved the removal of the 5 year requirement to replace the engine flammable fluid carrying hoses.

23: Static Discharge Bases – Technical Support continues to receive questions from operators on the correct static wick base part number for their installation. To help address this we have listed the most common static wick base and corresponding part number.

31: Fusion Aircraft Personality Module (APM-5000) Option Strapping – aSelections (All King Air Models with Fusion Avionics) – If for some reason you are replacing or reloading an APM and were unable to view and record the original settings prior to starting the work Textron provides some brief notes on how to identify the values for the primary items # 1 through 29.

ATA 31 – Fusion PFD MISCOMPARE crew alerting system (CAS) message
On Fusion-equipped King Airs, PFD MISCOMPARE is an amber CAS message alerting the pilot that redundant data from dual systems is not agreeing between limits. There are several conditions that can trigger this “collector” message.

56: Storm Window Installation to Prevent Water Ingress – The King Air storm window, if not closed or aligned correctly, can let water into the cockpit while the airplane is parked in the rain. The King Air uses a two-seal system, a .22” neoprene seal on the frame side attached with 1300L adhesive and a thin rubber seal attached with RTV 103 attached to the window.