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Model Communique ME-TP-0018


Model Communique ME-TP-0018

Textron Aviation has released the ME-TP-0018 Model Communique; it can be viewed here (a Textron Aviation account is required, registration is free). Highlights are listed below, view the communique for full details.

Chapters include:

21: King Air Cabin Air Exchange Rate – The maximum cabin exchange rate for the King Air 200/B200/300 is up to 24 times per hour. The cabin exchange rate for the B300 models is up to 21 times per hour with the flow packs set in the NORMAL rate.

30: Reusing De-ice Boots – Not recommended.

31: Pro Line Fusion Adaptive Flight Display (AFD) 3700 Release of Collins – updated your AFDs for increased system reliability.

32: Main Landing Gear Static Wick Removal Kit – kit has been developed to remove the static wick from the main landing gear installed between the wheels on the King Air 300 and B300.

34: SAIB – Navigation: Transponder System – at this time, the airworthiness is not an unsafe condition that would warrant an Airworthiness Directive.

34: Pro Line Fusion Upgrade to Phase 3 software – Textron Aviation has released an upgrade for Pro Line Fusion phase 1 and 2 aircraft software to phase 3.