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New McCauley C780 Propeller Receives Certification for King Air B300 Series Aircraft


New McCauley C780 Propeller Receives Certification for King Air B300 Series Aircraft

McCauley Propeller Systems (a division of Textron Aviation) has announced that its newest C780 propeller for the Beechcraft King Air B300 series, featuring four aluminum swept blades and a 105-inch diameter, has successfully achieved certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The new high-performance propeller offers King Air B300 operators additional payload, increased takeoff and climb performance, reduced noise in the cabin and cockpit and greater time between overhauls.

The King Air B300 Series C780 (image: McCauley)

“The McCauley C780 is a new, lightweight, scimitar blade design propeller that enhances the already legendary King Air flying experience,” said Heidi McNary, vice president and general manager, McCauley Propeller Systems. “We’re proud to continue to offer customers the quality and craftsmanship that aviators have come to expect from McCauley over the past 85 years.”

With the new C780 propeller, King Air B300 owners and operators will experience:

  • Propeller weight savings of more than 50 pounds
  • Increased takeoff and climb performance
  • Reduced noise in the cabin and cockpit
  • Extended Time Between Overhaul (TBO) of 5,000 hours or 72 months
  • Textron Aviation’s 4,000 hours or 36-month limited propeller warranty

The propeller has a 105-inch diameter and four aluminum swept blades (image: McCauley)

King Air B300 customers can have the propeller installed on their aircraft at a Textron Aviation Service Center or Authorized McCauley Service Facility without any additional modifications required.

Info: Textron Aviation Press Release

Banner image: Textron Aviation