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NEXRAD Radar Course with Dr. David Strahle at King Air Gathering 2024


NEXRAD Radar Course with Dr. David Strahle at King Air Gathering 2024

With the advent of Datalink NEXRAD weather radar, pilots must learn the proper interpretation of NEXRAD images and how to apply the information in-flight as well as during advanced preflight planning. Several thunderstorm accidents will be discussed including recent critical changes to the datalink program necessary for proper radar interpretation. As a flight and ground instructor, Dr. David Strahle has a degree in Aerospace Technology as well as a medical degree specializing in interpretative imaging. Referred to as the "Father of Datalink,” Dr. Strahle wrote the initial research papers on transmitting weather into the cockpit in 1969 and continues to train pilots in how to deal with thunderstorms.

About Dr. David Strahle

David A. Strahle, MD, CFI-AI, CGI-AI An avid pilot, Dr. Strahle has his commercial license, instrument rating, flight instructor’s license, instrument instructor’s license, advanced and instrument ground instructor’s license and his ratings include multi-engine and seaplane. He has a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Technology from Kent State University where he was the director of the Air Force ROTC flight program. In 1969, he wrote a research paper describing the far-reaching benefits of transmitting ground based weather radar data to airborne aircraft including the required steps of implementation. His paper won first place at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics research forum and his ideas were eventually published in Pilot and Aero magazines. His aerospace degree led to employment in the data processing division of IBM which led to a greater interest in computers and medicine. As a radiologist performing fourth- dimensional MRI imaging, he has the unique ability to understand cross-section analysis as it applies to weather radar images. He is an expert on weather radar interpretation and consults with the government, private authorities and air crash investigators. Throughout the past 55 years, Dr. Strahle has continued to privately support and nurture the datalink programs including 108 national presentations to aviation groups regarding the proper interpretation of datalink NEXRAD radar.

What to Expect

The course is set for Wednesday, May 15th — from 10:00AM - 5:00PM and includes lunch.

How to Register

You must register ahead of time for Dr. Strahle's radar course at King Air Gathering 2024. Spots are filling up fast, so secure your place at the King Air Gathering and the NEXRAD Radar Course now by visiting the registration page at https://kingairnation.com/gathering-2024. If you've already registered for the 2024 King Air Gathering you can add the NEXRAD radar course by visiting this webpage.