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PWI’s LED Ice Light Receives FAA PMA Certification


PWI’s LED Ice Light Receives FAA PMA Certification

PWI announced this week that the FAA has given the PWI LED Ice Light PMA approval for use in a wide variety of aircraft, from piston planes and turboprops to business jets.“A lot of hard work went into designing and producing the PWI LED Ice Light,” says Robi Lorik, President and CEO of PWI, Inc. “Getting our LED Ice Light PMA certified makes a big difference to owners and pilots who are tired of the cost and downtime from constantly changing out bulbs.”

PWI’s LED Ice Light provides 100,000 hours of lifecompared to only 165 hours of life available with bulbs. Compared to other replacement LED ice lights, the PWI LED Ice Light provides 210 more lumens providing better contrast, which aids in the visibility of ice formation. PWI’s LED Ice Light also eliminates the radiant heat that comes with factory-installed bulbs. Less heat means less lens discoloration, cracking and warping over the life of the light.

PWI’s LED Ice Light part number 7310009-000, is a bayonet mount that is a direct drop-in replacement for bulbs A7079B24, MS25338-7079 and WA7079B24. The Ice Light is approved for Beechcraft Baron 55 and 58; King Air 90 series, 100 series, 200 series and 300 series; 99 Airliner series, Hawker 400 and Beechjet 400A. The LED Ice Light is also approved for the Cessna Caravan 208 and 208B; Cessna Centurion 210, P210 and T210; Conquest 441; Citation 525 series, 550 Bravo, 560 V, 560XL, 650 series and the 680 Sovereign.

“The PWI LED Ice Light is a no-compromise solution to overall safety and efficiency that saves money over the life of your aircraft,” says Lorik. “The LED Ice Light is valuable to pilots not just for use in cold and icy weather situations but also for the overall safety of the aircraft. This is peace of mind for pilots,” says Lorik.

The PWI LED Ice Light is designed to be much more efficient and effective as well as a benefit to overall safety by providing focused illumination of potential icing as well as situational awareness when on the ground. PWI’s LED Ice Light is a powerful alternative to factory installed bulbs. Regardless of outside temperatures, the Ice Light is perfect for use in dusk and night flights or when taxiing and during take-off and landing.

PWI is the OEM for most King Air interior lighting and is the designated OEM for fluorescent lighting for business jets. The product page for the Ice Light can be found here.

(Press release: PWI)