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Textron Aviation Service Information Notification – ME-TP-0015


Textron Aviation Service Information Notification – ME-TP-0015

Textron Aviation has released a new communique ME-TP-0015 for August 2019. The full communique can be viewed here (you’ll need to have a Textron customer account, free signup). Generalized notes below, see communique for the full in-depth details.

20: Wing Leading Edge Black Paint – The black paint used on the King Air wing leading edge is part number 23T3-90. The paint is available from Textron Aviation Parts and Distribution.

28: Engine Fuel Drain Collector Fuel Pump Wiring Connector – The combustion heater fuel pump P/N 58-920054-11 or 476284 now supersedes to P/N CA476284E-1.

31: Blank Instrument Panel – Avionics upgrades sometimes require a blank instrument panel. Textron Aviation provides a blank instrument panel under part number 101-320210-7 or -25 with the difference that the -25 has holes drilled on the top flange.

33: LED Flashing Beacon Replacement Bulb – King Airs equipped with flashing beacon part number A-7079B-24 can upgrade to a LED light bulb. The LED bulb part number is WL-L7079-24. This is a direct replacement and it does not require any modifications to the airplane. The LED light bulb is available from Textron Aviation Parts and Distribution.

34: L-3 ACSS TAWS+ Computer Database Memory Limitation Update – We have been notified by Aviation Communications and Surveillance Systems (ACSS) that database size has grown significantly in recent years. The 9000000-85006 TAWS+ computer installed in many Pro Line 21 and Fusion equipped King Airs is nearing its memory capacity. (TACSS released optional service bulletin (SB) 9000000-34-6037 to upgrade the memory in fielded units from 128MB to 256MB and converts the unit to part number 9000000-85010).

55: Horizontal Stabilizer Inspection Panel Gasket Kit – Starting at FM-73, FL-1106 and BY-301, Textron Aviation began installing a mesh polyurethane panel gasket on the 4 large access panels of the horizontal stabilizer. This gasket helps prevent moisture ingression into the horizontal stabilizer.

For Beechcraft T-tail turboprops built prior to the serial numbers listed above, you can order kit 101-6200-0001.

57: Center Section Leading Edge Heat Exchanger Duct Assembly Installation Kit – When replacing the center section leading edge heat exchanger duct assembly, you will note that the new duct is shorter than the one removed, creating a gap between the duct and the leading edge mounting surface.

Textron Aviation has created kit 101- 1001-0001 to address this condition by adding spacers to take up the possible gap between the affected parts. The kit will come with the engineering drawing along with the instructions for installation.

77: Collins Pro Line 21 and Pro Line Fusion Fuel Flow Indication – There have been sporadic reports of the electronic engine indication system (EIS) fuel flow readings dashing out (Pro Line 21) or showing XXX (Pro Line Fusion) a few minutes after engine start but returning to normal as the aircraft climbs to colder temperatures.

To isolate a stuck thermal element, both engines can be run until the fault occurs then shut down. An infrared thermometer can then be used to check the fuel line temperature at the outlet of the fuel heater or the inlet to the fuel flow transmitter. Comparing left and right temperature readings will compensate for local conditions. A temperature split of as much as 20° C will indicate a stuck thermal unit.