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Textron Aviation Service Information Notification – ME-TP-0016


Textron Aviation Service Information Notification – ME-TP-0016

Textron Aviation has released a new communique ME-TP-0016. The full communique can be viewed here (you’ll need to have a Textron customer account, free signup). Generalized notes below, see communique for the full in-depth details.

27: Flap Roller/Washer Installation – King Air Communiqué 2000-04 illustrated the inboard and outboard flap bearing and washer orientations, however, engineering has changed slightly since that article was written; The 118-100000-9 Teflon washers are now added to both the forward and aft positions for the inboard flap and up to 3 ea. Teflon washers can be installed to prevent interference in each location.

31: Release of MTB-34-02 for Fusion FDSA Software Update (All King Air Models with Fusion Avionics) – Textron Aviation recently released recommended Multi Engine Technical Bulletin 34-02 to correct the Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS) II Fly To cues on Fusion equipped aircraft. The service bulletin (SB) provides direction to update the Flight Display System Application (FDSA) software on all production Fusion King Airs. This SB applies to all Fusion aircraft even if they do not currently have TCAS II installed. The non-TCAS II aircraft were included to prevent issues should an aircraft be upgraded in the future from TCAS I to a TCAS II system.

32: Nose Landing Gear Installation 233-0023-99 or 12030 or R15287 Ring – The nose landing gear requires the installation of P/N 233-0023-99 or 12030 or R15287 ring. This ring has a bevel cut on it. We continue to receive questions related to the orientation of the ring. This ring should be installed with this bevel facing towards the axle.

34: Phase 3 B200GT and B300 King Air Pro Line Fusion Radar RTA-4122 Non-Volatile Memory Reset – The NVM in the Radar Transmitter Antenna (RTA) currently has the potential to lock up when 991 entries are stored. When this lock up occurs, the radar will display a continuous WXR Fault and will need to be returned to Collins for the NVM to be cleared. Collins estimates that in normal operation the limit could be reached in approximately 330 flight legs. Collins has identified the root cause and will release Service Bulletin (SB) 8 for the RTA in mid-2020 to correct the issue. In the interim, to prevent the NVM from reaching this limit, Collins has released information document (IDOC) 0168-19 titled Information and Usage of the RTA-41XX NVM Erasure Tool.

52: Cabin Door Channel Part Number 50-430043-1329 Cracking – Textron has received reports that this part has been cracking. Textron Aviation has developed a channel made from heavier material that can be used to replace the current channel. The procedure and part number of the new channel can be found in the King Air Structural Inspection and Repair Manual Chapter 52-00-01.

54: Bumper Block Installation – King Air Communiqués 2000-04, 2014-02 and ME-TP-08 provided instructions on how to install the bumper block on King Air 90 Series, 200 Series equipped with High flotation gear and 350ER airplanes. The procedure has been added to the King Air Structural Inspection and Repair Manual Chapter 57-10-02. Please disregard the information provided in the previous King Air Communiqués and use the SIRM to complete this installation.