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Textron Aviation Service Information Notification – ME-TP-013


Textron Aviation Service Information Notification – ME-TP-013

Textron Aviation has released a new communique ME-TP-013 for May 2019. The full communique can be viewed here (you’ll need to have a Textron customer account, free signup). Generalized notes below, see communique for the full in-depth details.

21: Air-conditioning Servicing for Keith Products/Air Comm Systems – new information concerning the servicing, purging, and lubricating the King Air air-conditioning system. 

24: Starter Generator Bearing Life – It is recommended that any time the engine is to be degreased or washed that the exhaust opening of the starter generator adjacent to the accessory gearbox be covered or other precautions taken to prevent solvents from entering the starter generator. 

25: Crew Seat Armrest Stop Pin – Engineering has approved the use of a solid pin to provide a more robust installation; however, it is still recommended that the armrest be folded up and out the way while entering or existing the crew position and not used as a prop.

28: Fuel Heated Vent Outer Coating – The King Air fuel heated vent outer coating is subject to elements and airstream causing the outer coating to erode with time. If the heated vent is still heating the coating can be re-applied with a product part number 8B6A available from Textron Aviation Parts. 

28: Fuel Tank Liner Protective Tape and Rivets – The King Air fuel bladder tanks are installed inside a metal fuel liner. The fuel liner is installed with pop rivets, and the rivets and seams are covered with protective tape to protect the fuel bladder. The part number of the tape is PPP-T60E, and the part number of the rivets is AD42BS. These parts are available from Textron Aviation Parts and Distribution.

32: Hydraulic Main Landing Gear Drag Leg Switch Bracket – To avoid incorrect spacing, do not remove the bracket from the drag leg, or if it is removed, assure that the assembly is correctly shimmed per the instructions in the CMM before installation into the aircraft. 

33: LED Recognition Light Replacement – Textron Aviation Engineering has approved the use of LED Recognition lights as the direct replacement for halogen lights on the B300. The new part number is 130-381001-0003. 

34: Availability of Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion King Air Desk Top Trainer – Rockwell Collins recently released an FMS desktop trainer for Fusion equipped King Airs. The FMS Desktop Trainer software is based on the Fusion phase 3 B350 and provides a near realtime, Windows simulation environment.

36: Pneumatic Pressure Indication Increases on Ascent – Reports of pneumatic pressure indication increasing when the airplane is climbing is a sign that the seal between the pneumatic pressure regulator and the adapter has broken. The adapter should have a 101- 970120-9 gasket between the regulator body and the adapter, and it is installed with RTV-732. On older airplanes, the issue is with the adapter becoming brittle and cracking, having the same effect.