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Textron Aviation Structural Repair Team Update


Textron Aviation Structural Repair Team Update

Wichita, KS – With the recent restructuring of Beechcraft and Cessna under the auspice of Textron Aviation, there have been some changes to the way service and AOG maintenance is handled. One of the most recent changes was the coordination of the Customer Service Engineers (CSEs) into a single office with a uniform process for handling requests for all of Textron Aviation. Specifically, the seven CSEs are available for all questions regarding issues that pertain to aircraft structures. Examples would be minor repair memos, ferry flight recommendation memos, flight extensions, formal repairs (with an FAA 8100-3 form), and on-site damage evaluations.

With the streamlined processes, Textron can provide evaluation of aircraft damage with limited demand from the operator. For damage addressed in the repair manual, all Textron will need is:

  • A completed Structural Damage Reporting Form
  • Pictures of the damaged area with dimensional data (length, width, depth, edge distance, etc)
  • NDT results (if required).

For damage that is not covered by the structural repair manual, Textron will complete damage surveys and repair estimates, as well as prepare minor repair memos (basic no technical objection letters), major repair documents (MRD 8100-9), ferry flight memos (complete SDR), flight extensions (scheduled inspection and aircraft damage SDR), and even on-site damage evaluations for a nominal fee. After an aircraft suffers damage, operators should contact Textron at www.txtavsupport.com, submit a Structural Damage Report online, and email supporting photos to the CSEs. Textron will evaluate the damage and, in most cases, provide a quote for cost and time for repair within the same day. Once the engineers have developed the repair document it will be emailed to the requested repair station as a PDF.

Thanks to the efficiency found by the merger of Beechcraft and Cessna, Textron has been able to coordinate their structural repair services under a single department for all Cessna, Hawker and Beechcraft products. Their expected turn time for requests has been reduced significantly, and they have been able to limit the cost of these engineering evaluations as well. With the inclusion of all of the Textron repair stations around the country, AOG service and on-site inspections can be completed very quickly. You can contact the Structural Repair Team through www.txtavsupport.com.