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Time to Replace Your King Air Windscreen?


Time to Replace Your King Air Windscreen?

GKN Windscreen - GlobalParts.aeroWhether it is from foreign object damage (FOD), sensor or heater failure, water intrusion, delimitation or any number of other reasons, sooner or later practically every King Air operator is going to be faced with the need to replace the aircraft’s windscreen.

And for over 15-years Beechcraft King Air owners and operators have been trusting GKN Aerospace to provide the best in aftermarket windscreens.

Their reasons are as clear as the GKN windscreens. By producing only new parts that include a number of proprietary improvements in sensor performance and heater uniformity, the GKN King Air cockpit windscreen is a high quality, affordable aftermarket replacement approved by Beechcraft.

From takeoff to touch down, the bottom line is GKN King Air aftermarket windshields perform better and last longer than anything else on the market.

In fact the only thing that comes close to matching the quality and performance of GKN replacement windscreens, is the service and support provided by GlobalParts.aero. As the exclusive distributor for GKN King Air windscreens, GlobalParts.aero combines world-class distribution with reliable, 24/7 support.

With an ISO AS9120A and ASA-100 accreditation for quality management systems, GlobalParts.aero has the proven capabilities to handle aircraft parts and materials properly as well as track each part from the manufacturer to the customer, which ensures order fulfillment is done to exact standards and expectations.

Whether online or over the phone, ordering a GKN windscreen from GlobalParts.aero is easier than ever. With global distribution capabilities, GlobalParts.aero can meet your King Air windscreen needs anywhere in the world.

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