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Vector Aerospace Introduces Flat Rate PT6A Overhauls


Vector Aerospace Introduces Flat Rate PT6A Overhauls

Vector Aerospace, an independent provider of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, announced the introduction of flat rate overhauls for PT6A-21, -27, -28, -41, -42 and -114 engine variants, as a part of P&WC’s PT6SMARTTM Maintenance Solutions program.

Commenting about the program, Jeff Poirier, President of Vector’s Engine Services – Atlantic division, said: “As a leading independent provider of P&WC designated maintenance, repair and overhaul services for the PT6A engine family, we are delighted to work with Pratt & Whitney Canada to bring this flat rate overhaul initiative to the PT6A operator community through our global network of overhaul facilities. Vector is well-known for its commitment to minimizing our customers’ operating costs, for example through our extensive development of repair programs for the PT6A engine family, and this latest initiative provides a further way for operators to continue flying with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their engine overhaul costs will be capped.”

Under this program, PT6A operators are able to take advantage of engine overhauls which are guaranteed not to exceed a pre-set capped price as follows:

– PT6A-21: US$205,000 basic flat O/H rate, capped at US$275,000 (per engine)
– PT6A-27: US$245,000 basic flat O/H rate, capped at US$295,000 (per engine)
– PT6A-28: US$245,000 basic flat O/H rate, capped at US$295,000 (per engine)
– PT6A-41: US$225,000 basic flat O/H rate, capped at US$290,000 (per engine)
– PT6A-42: US$235,000 basic flat O/H rate, capped at US$305,000 (per engine)
– PT6A-114: US$225,000 basic flat O/H rate, capped at US$290,000 (per engine)

Operators taking advantage of this offer will not be charged any costs for the replacement of non-P&WC parts with new P&WC parts, or for typical corrosion or sulphidation. Likewise, operators will not face any additional charges for foreign object damage (FOD), provided that FOD was not the cause of an unscheduled removal. This initiative is offered for all complete eligible PT6A engines operated worldwide, including those on extended time between overhaul (TBO) programs.

The service is offered at Vector Aerospace’s four P&WC PT6A Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOFs) worldwide, including:

– Vector Aerospace Australia (Pty) Ltd, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
– Vector Aerospace Engine Services – Atlantic, Summerside, PE, CANADA
– Vector Aerospace – France, Gonesse, Paris, FRANCE
– Vector Aerospace Africa (Pty) Ltd., Lanseria, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

Vector has further details about the program at http://www.pwc.ca/en/service-support/smart-pt6a-flat-rate-overhaul-program. Operators can schedule a PT6A flat rate overhaul at http://www.vectoraerospace.com/EngineMRO/PrattWhitneyCanada/PT6AFlatRateOverhaulProgram.aspx

About Vector Aerospace

Vector Aerospace is a global provider of aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. Through facilities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, South Africa, Kenya and Singapore, Vector Aerospace provides services to commercial and military customers for gas turbine engines, components and helicopter airframes. Vector’s customer-focused team includes over 2,300 motivated employees.

Vector Aerospace holds approvals from some of the world’s leading turbine engine, airframe and avionics OEMs. Powerplants supported include a wide range of turboshafts, turboprops and turbofans from General Electric, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce and Turbomeca. Vector Aerospace also provides support for a wide range of airframes from Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Boeing and Sikorsky, its capabilities including major inspections and dynamic component overhaul, and offers full-service avionics capability, including aircraft rewiring, mission equipment installation and glass cockpit upgrades.

More information can be found on the company’s website at www.vectoraerospace.com.