CenTex Aerospace Offers New King Air 200 HST Conversion Package

Image by CenTex.

CenTex Aerospace has added to their King Air conversation lineup with the addition of the King Air 200 HST Package. It combines the Halo 275 and ST120 Saddle Tank conversions and will be offered for $260,000. CenTex says the package is a $25,500 savings over purchasing the conversions separately.

For King Air 200s with high flotation landing gear, the HST Package offers a MTOW of 14,000 pounds with a Maximum Landing Weight of 13,500 pounds.  For serial numbers BB-1444 and after, the Maximum Zero Fuel Weight is increased to 11,500 pounds.  Payload is 3,000 pounds, and maximum fuel capacity is 4,450 pounds.  Also included is an increase to the Mmo to .58 Mach.

“This all adds up to an airplane that has the capability to fly 2,200 NM, or have an endurance over 9 hours, and still carry what you need inside or outside of the cabin,” says CenTex, ” The ST120 Saddle Tanks offer over 9 cubic feet of wing storage, great for aircraft supplies, suitcases and crew bags. With the King Air 200 HST Package, CenTex Aerospace is “Making Aviation Better”.”

KingAirNation got a special video overview of CenTex’s saddle tanks at NBAA-BACE 2016.

CenTex’s website is http://www.centex.aero. The company can be contacted by phone at (254-752-4290), email (info@centex.aero). The corporate office is based in Waco, Tx (KACT).  

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