Collins Aerospace selects Hampton Aviation As Authorized Goodrich Deicing System Center

Hampton Aviation with CCA

Hampton Aviation announced in a press release this week that the company has been selected by Collins Aerospace as an authorized dealer/installer for its Goodrich de-icing systems. Hampton Aviation has a long successful history of providing extensive heavy King Air structural maintenance and modifications for the US government and civil aviation market.

“We are excited and proud to join the Collins Aerospace family of authorized dealer/installers for its Goodrich de-icing systems,” said sales and marketing manager Tom Canavera. “This is another perfect product fit for our customers. We can save our clients time and money!”

Collins Aerospace provides critical ice protection solutions for all-weather operation of high performance aircraft. It’s products include: Goodrich FASTboot® and Goodrich SILVERboot™ pneumatic de-icers and DuraTherm® electrothermal propeller ice protection.

The Collins Aerospace Authorized Installer Network features on-site engineering support for premier OEM installation and service of de-icing boots.

Since 1965, Hampton Aviation notes the company’s focus has been on performing King Air inspections, repairs, and modifications. Since 2003, Hampton has provided King Air inspection and repairs facility for the US Army, Air Force and Navy. Hampton’s capacities include inspections, heavy structural repair and maintenance, spar replacement or repair, sheet metal work, pre-purchase inspections, and excellent paint & interior.

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