EASA Approves AvFab King Air 200 Pleated Window Shades

Aviation Fabricators (AvFab) announced this week they have received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Certification #10061033 for the installation of its pleated window shades for King Air 200, B200 and B200GT series aircraft. The AvFab pleated window shades provide King Air owners/operators with a contemporary look. AvFab says the shades provide a contemporary look and replace the factory-installed polarizers and help keep the aircraft’s interior remarkably cooler on the ramp as the shades can be closed when the aircraft is parked, unlike the polarizers.


Back in August, we talked at length with Jeff Lowe, co-founder of AvFab, who detailed the company’s window shades along with the many other King Air cabin upgrades they offer. He noted the sun protection and heat reflection the shades offer and benefits over polarizers.

AvFab can be contacted at 660.885.8317. The company website is www.AvFab.com.

AvFab pleated window   shade_profile

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