FDLE’s King Air 350 to be Outfitted with Video Suite by CNC Technologies

King Air 350 image by Textron Aviation.

CNC Technologies has been selected by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to install an aerial video and data streaming video mission suite on the FDLE’s King Air 350. The system will be used to provide aerial support to federal, state, and local agencies for multiple purposes including: natural disasters, counter-terrorism efforts, and criminal investigations.

“We will be equipping the FDLE’s King Air 350 with everything it needs to have reliable HD video and meta-data communications while airborne,” said Ron Magocsi, one of CNC Technologies’ founders, a managing partner and CTO. “This will provide first responders from all levels of government with access to the unparalleled ‘eyes above’ situational awareness that only a camera-equipped aircraft like the King Air 350 can provide during man made and natural emergencies.”

Since 1967, the FDLE’s mission has been “to promote public safety and strengthen domestic security by providing services in partnership with local state and federal criminal justice agencies.” The agency is headquartered in Tallahassee with numerous regional operations centers and has an annual budget over $300 million.

CNC Technologies is an aviation technology and wireless communications company who provides services and products to government, law enforcement, and military. Specialties include aerial surveillance, data transmission and counter-terrorism wireless solutions.

“Whether it be for the FDLE or any other client, CNC approaches each new assignment from a bespoke perspective, deploying tailored communications solutions that deliver uncompromising performance and reliability,” said Alex Giuffrida, another one of CNC Technologies’ founders and managing partners. “Because value is always a concern for our budget-minded clients, CNC is happy to develop individual solutions that use entirely new technology, or integrate the new with a customer’s existing equipment to maximize their investments.”

“We are particularly honored to provide mission-critical equipment for the FDLE,” he concluded. “Their police work keeps Floridians safe and, by protecting the millions who visit this state annually, safeguards Florida’s vital tourism economy as well.”

CNC’s website is http://www.cnctechnologies.com/.

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