Innova Aerospace Enters King Air Moderization Market With Unique Approach

Rendering by Innova

(This is part 1 of a short series following Innova Aerospace’s entry into the aircraft modernization market beginning with its work on two King Air c90x’s)

At the 300,000 sq foot (under-roof) Sabreliner Aviation (parent company Innova Aerospace) facility in Perryville, Missouri there is a massive flurry of activity on a day-to-day basis. In one hangar, visitors might find a Black Hawk helicopter being turned into a VVIP transport aircraft for a head of state. In another, they might see a Citation receiving a new paint job. Soon though, a new aircraft will become common – the Beechcraft King Air.

Two King Air c90x’s are already undergoing modernization at the facility. They are the most recent fruits of a decision Sabreliner and Innova Aerospace announced two years earlier at NBAA 2014 to enter the aircraft modernization and enhancement market. The company was able to make major strives to accommodate that goal since then.

The process begins.
The process begins.

Innova purchased the Power 90 conversion GE H80 engine STC (for King Air A90-C90) from Smyrna Air Center. This allowed for the replacement of the King Air 90’s PT6A engines GE’s H80 engines. In addition to fuel savings, the GE engines also have the benefit of not requiring recurrent fuel nozzle maintenance or periodic hot section inspections.

During this time, Innova established a partnership with BendixKing to install the AeroVue Integrated Flight Deck in the Citation 560 series aircraft. The companies realized it would be highly beneficial to extend the installation service to the King Air 90 modernization program that Innova was launching.

““Our focus is to develop programs that will take your existing aircraft and not only modernize it but also enhance its performance,” David Meske, Innova Director of Marketing, told King Air Nation.

GE H80 Engine Install
GE H80 Engine Install

Meske informed us that the ability of Innova to install the GE H80 engines and the AeroVue integrated flight deck in the King Air 90 were only a part of what the company offers. The massive Perryville facility is a full service MRO, offering services from repainting to complete interior refurbishments.

“We do not want to force people into an all or nothing program. So we decided to go more à la Carte: Let’s modernize and enhance your aircraft over time or all at once – however you want to do it,” said Meske.

Meske notes the major benefit of not having to purchase a 2+ million dollar new aircraft for the overhaul. The new King Air program will take customers existing aircraft and bring it forward – with however many upgrades they want to do at that time.

Innova will be fully unveiling the new program and more details at EAA Airventure 2016 Oshkosh. Until then, the company has agreed to keep us updated with photos and information concerning the two c90x’s currently being modernized at the facility. The current plan for the aircraft is to be showcased at EAA and other events, but they will both be available to purchase.

Artist rendering of the finalized aircraft.
Artist rendering of the finalized aircraft.

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