Innova Aerospace Heads to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016

Completed AeroVue integrated flight deck installation.

(Part 2 of a short series following Innova Aerospace’s entry into the aircraft modernization market beginning with its work on two King Air 90’s)

Innova Aerospace has completed the work on its two King Air 90’s (one A90 and one C90A) and will be flying them to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 this week for static display during the conference held July 25th-31st. The A90 aircraft will feature both GE H80 engines and an AeroVue integrated flight deck (Booth 117), and the C90A will feature the AeroVue integrated flight deck (Booth 292A). Both aircraft will showcase Innova’s custom paint scheme. The paint, as well as the interior, were designed and installed all in-house at Sabreliner Aviation, a division of Innova Aerospace.

We reached out to David Meske, Innova’s Director of Marketing, who provided a few more details about the project along with some new images of the aircraft.

“The addition of the AeroVue integrated flight deck brings more than just proven technology and features,” Meske said, “It also delivers value by reducing the weight of the aircraft.”

Innova informed us that by installing the AeroVue flight deck, the aircraft weight decreased by almost 2% with no negative CG impacts. This leads to a reduction in overall operating costs. With no negative CG impacts the aircraft regains 150lbs of usable weight and luggage space in the nose that was previously dedicated to the legacy avionics.


Clear for additonal luggage space.
Clear for additonal luggage space.

Meske also described some of the performance and cost benefits of having H80 engines.

“The GE H80 engines bring an estimated 10% increase in range, an 8% increase in SFC, and 90 shp more than the -135A. Those benefits along with 4,000 TBO, no HSI, and no recurrent fuel nozzle inspection makes the H80’s a sound business investment.”

GE H80 engines installed.
GE H80 engines installed.

Innova Aerospace will also be holding a Q&A event on Wednesday night that is open to the public. The event will feature a panel of top aviation leaders from Innova, BendixKing, and GE Aviation. They will be discussing and answering your questions about aircraft modernization and performance enhancements. More details below:

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
5:00 pm in Booth 117

Q & A With Top Aviation Leaders
Join Innova Aerospace, BendixKing, and GE Aviation as they discuss and answer your questions about aircraft modernization and performance enhancement.

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