King Air Gathering IV – List of Attendee Specials and Deals

King Air Gathering has released a breakdown of the various discounts and specials that will be available to patrons attending the Gathering which takes place from September 26th to the 28th. It’s quite a list, so we’ve included it verbatim below. For more information concerning KAG IV including registration and speakers click here.
  • Stop by see Stevens Aerospace. Discounts available for inspections completed by the end of 2019. Learn more about the Blackhawk XP67A for the 300/350, BendixKing AeroVue for the 200, and soon the Garmin G1000NXi for the 90.
  • Blackhawk Aerospace is offering discounted pricing. Stop by the Blackhawk booth for details.
  • SierraTrax will be at KAG IV to talk about FREE Maintenance Tracking for King Airs! Stop by the SierraTrax table in the registration area to learn more and receive a demo of the service.
  • IS&S will be giving demo flights of its ThrustSense Full Regime Auothtrottle at the King Air Gathering.  Please contact Tom Grunbeck at  or 484-502-6658 for details/reservation.  ThrustSense is a full regime Autothrottle, from takeoff to landing phases of flight including go around.
 –   Attendee Drawings  –
  • airtext will have an airtextLT system that will be given away ($4,900).
  • StandardAero will be holding a drawing during the gathering for two free sets of PT6A fuel nozzle cleanings!
  • Recurrent Training at the King Air Academy ($3,200)
  • Garmin will give away two annual subscriptions for Garmin Pilot during the gathering!
  • ForeFlight will also be giving away an annual subscription for ForeFlight!
  • The King Air Book & Aircraft Training – An autographed book and a special in-aircraft training session at the King Air Academy with Mr. Tom Clements (priceless)
  • Free Attendee Registration for two for the KAG V (location to be announced)
  • Maintenance Status / Log Book Review services from KingAirDOM – Paul Sneden
–  KAG IV – Special Gathering Pricing and Incentives  –
  • Raisbeck Engineering will be offering a 10% off any Raisbeck system for any attendee order by October 31, 2019. You must contact Raisbeck directly for this special pricing offer.
  • StandardAero is offering KAG attendees the chance to save $10,000+ on PT6A overhauls or repair events, plus free labor and special discounts on various PT6A workscopes.  Drop by their booth for details.
  • PWI is offering a 10% discount on ANY King Air upgrades and reading lights.
  • AvFab will be offering a 10% discount off list price to any KAG IV attendee for AvFab products or services ordered by October 31, 2019.
  • FreeFlight Systems is offering a $17,000 (all in) price for the complete ADS-B retrofit equipment.
  • Davis Aviation will have a “Discount Lottery” ticket available at KAG booth for big discounts on all kinds of parts and accessories for your King Air. Stop by their booth and get your scratch off discount card!
  • Luma Technologies will have an exclusive KAG attendee special they will announce at the show.
  • Lee Aerospace  will offer CoolView Cabin &/or Cockpit shipsets same as Clear pricing during the KAG only, with up to a 35% savings on full shipsets.
  • Circle Air Group will offer a show special, a 15% labor rate discount on any inspection booked during the show.
  • BendixKing is offering 10% off new BendixKing avionics when you use My Avionics app to upgrade your panel.  Download the app on IOS today
–  Demonstration Flights  –

BendixKing will be offering demonstration flights of AeroVue, their state of the art glass cockpit.  Experience the BendixKing AeroVue Integrated Flight Deck in a 1-hour flight or ground demo.  The BendixKing AeroVue Integrated Flight Deck offers:

  • Lowers recurring maintenance costs
  • Meets the ADS-B mandate
  • Reduces pilot workload and fatigue increases safety
  • Reduces aircraft weight up to 125 LBS
  • Includes industry-leading SmartView™ synthetic vision system
  • Optional weather radar, XM weather, radar altimeter, traffic alert, ground proximity warning

Sign up for the demo here and experience the state of the art glass cockpit for your B200. Schedule your AeroVue Demo Flight Here

IS&S will be giving demo flights of its ThrustSense Full Regime Auothtrottle.
Please contact Tom Grunbeck at  or 484-502-6658 for details/reservation.  ThrustSense is a full regime Autothrottle, from takeoff to landing phases of flight including go around.

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