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About the King Air 100

The Model 100 flew for the first time on March 17th, 1969 and was unveiled to the public that May. 89 Model 100s were built before being superseded by the Model A100 in 1972. The Model A100 had a further increase in MTOW to 11,500 lb (5220 kg), fuel capacity increased by 94 US gallons (360 L), and four-bladed propellers. After 157 being built, production ceased in 1979. Next in the series was the B100: first built in 1976, featuring 715 shp (533 kW) Garrett AiResearch TPE-331 engines as an alternative to the Pratt & Whitney's offered on other King Airs, and another increase in MTOW to 11,800 lb. (5,350 kg). It was produced concurrently with the A100 for several years before manufacturing ceased in 1983.

King Air 100 Technical Data