Priester Aviation Acquires King Air 250 for Charter

Image by Priester.

Priester Aviation announced this month the addition of a brand new King Air 250 for private charter services. The plane will be utilized for flights out of Boston to such locations as Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and New York City.

“With the addition of the new King Air 250, our expanded Northeast service delivers greater efficiency to our clients,” said Andy Priester, President and CEO for Priester. “The ease of our on-demand private travel allows for greater freedom with the simplicity of Priester’s pay-as-you-fly model – giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your schedule.”

Priester Aviation noted in the press release the King Air 250’s strengths; including being wifi-enabled, a six-seat capability, and overall efficiency in time and cost savings. The craft has a range of over 1,720 nautical miles and excellent short-field performance allowing access to more convenient airports. The King Air expands Priester Aviation’s charter fleet to over 65 aircraft.

A virtual tour may be accessed at:

The company website is

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