PWI’s LEDs added to the Textron Aviation Aftermarket Product Catalog

Image by PWI.

PWI announced this week they have signed an agreement with Textron Aviation to include PWI’s LED product lines in Textron Aviation’s new Aftermarket Product Catalog (available to all King Air MROs and owners). Product lines include Beechcraft King Air Retrofit (KAR) Kits and PWI’s drop-in LED reading lights.

“This will allow King Air owners worldwide to upgrade their aircraft with PWI- lighting systems,” says Robi Lorik, President of PWI.

200 Series

The retrofit kits are available in two models: KAR 200 (for King Air 90,100 and 200 series) and KAR 300 (for King Air 300, B300, and B300C series). KAR 200 is a replacement for lighting over cabin windows. KAR 300 replaces centerline overhead lights. PWI noted the benefits over flourescent lighting, including reducing weight by half, 40% lower system operating temperature, a 100,000+ hour life span and being a direct fit/form/function replacement for the current lighting system.

300 Series (1)

PWI’s LED drop-in reading lights come in four models currently: the 303X, which has Premarket Approval (PMA); the 1495 and 1308, which are completed and awaiting PMA approval; and the 1683, currently nearing the end of its prototype phase. PWI says they offer significant advantages over the existing lights including heat-eliminating technology (cool to the touch), very long operation life, and no EMI.

PWI and Textron Aviation will be co-hosting a webinar and Q&A session at a yet to be determined date. We’ll be sure to announce it when it is determined.

PWI will be attending the upcoming AEA convention in New Orleans on March 14-16, 2017, at Booth 621, or at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas on October 10-12, 2017. PWI can be contacted at 316-942-2811. PWI President Rob Lorik can be reached at The company website is

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