Textron Aviation Q2 2018 Results – Turboprop Sales Increase

Revenues at Textron Aviation increased 9% to $1.3 billion for the 2018 Q2, with Textron attributing the increase to higher volume and price.

Textron chairman and CEO Scott Donnelly noted that international sales had improved as had been forecast in previous quarters.

Textron Aviation was able to deliver 48 jets (up from 46 for the quarter last year) and 47 commercial turboprops (up from 33 last year). This was a major jump for the turboprop division, a 14 unit increase. Donnelly said the market dynamic for both jet and turboprop lines was staying robust.

The jump in volume and price ultimately contributed to a segment profit of $104 million for the quarter, up from $54 million a year ago.

Textron Aviation’s backlog was $1.6 billion for the end of the second quarter.

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